Top Tenant Complaints and How to Solve Them

tenant complaints

Tenant complaints are an inevitable element of leasing out your property. Even with the best-maintained property in the neighborhood, there’s always a chance for minor conflicts to arise.

That said there are steps you can take to maintain an amicable atmosphere? Known for their passion for real estate, the team from Evolve Real Estate and Property Management has put together this article. Continue reading to find out how to solve the top complaints from tenants.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your tenants stay at your property long-term and you can enjoy the benefits of long-term leasing.

Most Common Tenant Complaints

Lack of Communication

Most complaints have one central issue, the unavailability of the landlord. Tenants complain that whenever they raise an issue, the landlord is either too slow to respond or cannot be found/ reached.

In addition to being responsive, your communication skills should be top-notch. Listening attentively to the tenants’ needs is also critical. Give your tenants the time to voice their issues to completion. Even if you cannot address the issue right away, taking the time to hear them out and letting them you that you’ll address it as soon as possible can go a long way.

communicating with tenants

If you are short on time or have a lot on your plate, you can rely on the property specialists at Evolve Real Estate and Property Management. We have years of experience in the property industry. Our team can guarantee that your property’s needs and those of your tenants are comprehensively met throughout the year.

Maintenance Issues

Tenants are quite selective with regard to the condition of the rental space, the fittings, and the appliances. Therefore, when a maintenance issue arises, they would wish for it to be handled almost immediately. It’s important that you visit the rental property and assess the issue yourself. This will allow you to hear the tenant's complaints and their desired results as well as help you conceptualize the best method to solve the problem.

It’s recommended that you carry out frequent inspections of the property. This reduces the frequency of maintenance issues. Your tenant will enjoy the stay on the property and you can spend less on maintenance in the long term. In most cases, you will not be able to solve the maintenance issue immediately. In this case, it’s best to give your tenant a timeline and provide updates. What’s more, if you promise to have the issue solved within a day, let it be so.

maintenance issues in rental

Noisy Tenants

It’s the right of every tenant to have quiet enjoyment of their premises. Experienced property managers will reveal that they have received a call or two in the middle of the night from a tenant complaining of a noisy neighbor, either on the same property or from next door. In such a scenario, it’s best to ask the neighbor to handle the matter on their own initiative. If it’s a one-time issue then the resolution could be as simple as a quick conversation requesting that the noisy party be mindful in the future.

Should the tenant at fault continue, it might be time for you to intervene. It’s easier if the noisy neighbor is a tenant in your multi-rental property. All you have to do is remind them of the terms of their lease agreement. If they are unable to meet the terms of the lease, you might be looking to evict them. For the neighbor next door, you will want to turn to city by-laws or community HOA rules on noise levels.

Issues with Pets

More and more tenants, today, own a pet. However, leasing your property to tenants with pets might come with its own set of challenges. Some of them include barking at night, aggressive behavior, fur, and messes.

addressing pet issues

For loud barking or excessive noise from the animal, you can treat it similar to any noise complaint, either enforcing the terms of the lease agreement, the city by-laws, or the HOA community guidelines.

What most landlords don’t know is that you can do screening of the pet the same way you screen potential renters. Talk to previous landlords about the behavior of the animal. Does it bark in the middle of the night? Was it aggressive? Did the tenant clean up after their pet? What’s more, to prevent issues down the line, prepare and administer a well-detailed lease agreement.

Pest and Rodent Issues

Pest complaints can make life very uncomfortable for your tenants. Most renters will not tolerate it and will seek to terminate the lease as soon as possible. It would be best for you to take proactive action when it comes to pests and rodents. Conceptualize and implement an inspection plan, examining the property for signs of pests and rodents.

The issue of pests is a more dangerous issue when you are leasing a multi-rental property. The pests can move from one rental unit to another, making all units inhabitable thus chasing away your tenants.

Should you find any evidence of pests, call upon a reputable exterminator and have the issue fixed as quickly as possible. You have a duty under landlord-tenant laws to provide a habitable residence, if you fail to do so, you could face legal action or tenants may seek to break their lease.

Bottom Line

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