Rental Guidelines

Rental Management Denver CO Thank you for considering using our services for rental management in Denver. Even though each situation is different we’ve prepared some general guidelines, which you should follow when considering renting from us. These are general guidelines of the type of applicants we are looking for. Please note that each individual property owner makes the decision which applicant to approve for residency at his or her property. We instruct our owners to look at the overall picture when making a decision.

CREDIT: Credit reports on all applicants will be presented to the property owners. While most owners are looking for applicants with overall good credit, certain cases with less than perfect credit may be acceptable coupled with good rental references. Credit is not considered if an applicant receives a housing subsidy as defined by C.R.S. § 38-12-902(1.7).

CRIMINAL: Felony convictions or deferred adjudications for homicide, stalking, sex offenses or manufacturing/distributing a controlled substance will automatically disqualify your application. Other felony convictions in the past 5 years may disqualify your application depending on the nature of the crime. Applicants listed on a Sex Offender registry will automatically disqualify you from renting one of our properties.

EVICTIONS: Evictions in the past 7 years will automatically disqualify you from renting one of our properties.

INCOME: Typical income requirements are 2 times of the gross monthly rent between all applicants. Child support is not considered income for the purposes of qualifying for a rental.

RENTAL: We will be verifying your rental references. Negative rental references may or may not disqualify your application from our services for rental management in Denver.

PETS:You will be required to pay a $300 pet deposit. The monthly pet charge is $35 per month. Certain breed restrictions may be prohibited to reside at certain properties, please inquire with the listing agent before applying.

APPLICATION FEE: Application fee is non-refundable. Each adult (any person over 18 years of age), who plans to occupy the property MUST apply and pay the application fee.

Applicant has the right to provide Evolve Real Estate and Property Management with a Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR) that is not more than 30 days old, as defined in § 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and 2) if Applicant providesEvolve Real Estate and Property Management with a PTSR, Evolve Real Estate and Property Management is prohibited from: a) charging Applicant a rental application fee; or b) charging Applicant a fee for Evolve Real Estate and Property Management to access or use the PTSR.

TENANT PAYMENTS: All approved tenants will be required to sign the lease and pay a security/pet deposit within 24 hours of approval. Tenants are provided with a convenient tenant portal where deposit and monthly rent payments can be made. There’s no additional fee when using a bank account to make those payments and a small fee for the use of a credit card. Tenants are strongly encouraged to exercise this option to avoid any lost mail and late charges.