3 Ways Furnace Maintenance Cuts Costs

To make the most out of renting your property, it all comes down to minimizing expenses. There are many expenses that will come up that you simply have no control over. That’s just the name of the game.

A big expense that can creep up and you simply can’t avoid is the gradual wear and tear of your furnace.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.  Proper maintenance of your furnace will ensure that you get more years of reliable service before needing to replace it.


You Don’t Have to Wait for Expensive Repairs

Many homeowners prefer to act at the mercy of their heater: They wait until it finally breaks down. That's probably at the worst time, in the middle of winter. Then they pay whatever the cost is to fix it.

But when you wait for that to happen, you’re setting yourself up for a huge expense. If your heater gets to the point that it breaks down, it’s most likely because a series of issues have been building up inside the heater for a long time.

There’s no telling how expensive the repair cost will be until it’s too late.

The key to preventing those costly repairs is with annual maintenance.

Nearly 75% of HVAC repair calls in the winter are due to problems that could have been prevented with a thorough maintenance.


Landlord Laws in Colorado Require Functional Heaters

Colorado landlord and tenant duties state that a living space not only requires a functioning heater but that it must stay "maintained in good working order."

The cost to keep your heater in order is already required, so we urge you to make the best of it by factoring in furnace maintenance as a necessary business expense.

You can expect a good furnace will last you nearly 20 years.

To make the most of it during that time—while paying the least for it—maintenance will help in various ways that you may not have realized.


1.   Maintenance Protects Your Equipment Warranty

If your furnace fails earlier than guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty, you can recoup some potential money lost by having new parts sent to you for free.

However, some warranties require regular maintenance to stay valid, and often by no one other than a qualified professional.


2.   Maintenance Prevents Disasters

Furnaces having heating elements, and that, unfortunately, makes room for certain disasters.

A faulty or malfunctioning part in your furnace can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, or house fires. Often, these problems can be prevented with a maintenance check.


3.   Maintenance Improves Overall Efficiency

Efficiency doesn't just keep your energy bill low—it also indicates a furnace that’s far less likely to encounter a repair issue. If your tenant pays utilities, incentivize them to lower their overall usage by giving them a plan for saving energy. It will help lower their own monthly expenses while keeping your system in good shape.


Consider Maintenance Plans from a Licensed & Insured Contractor

In conclusion, you can’t avoid the need for maintenance, but you can certainly be wise about who you choose. Some HVAC contractors might be able to give you various discounts or benefits for signing onto a maintenance agreement, so be sure to ask for the details.

You should also make sure you hire an HVAC contractor that is licensed and insured. Using a licensed contractor means that they have met or exceeded the minimum requirements for that line of work as required by the jurisdiction.

In some states, it may be required require that contractors demonstrate proof of insurance as part of obtaining a trade license or registering. You can read more about the legal aspects of contractors on Angie’s List, or you can contact your state Contractors Licensing Agency to learn more.


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