Evictions in Denver need to follow the landlord tenant laws, and today we’re talking specifically about the proper procedure and what can it cost you. At Evolve, we are proud to have an extremely low eviction rate. This is due to the way we check backgrounds on potential tenants. We do a thorough search before placing anyone in your property.

DISCLAIMER: This information provided by Evolve Real Estate & Property Management is for general information only. While this is a helpful overview, we make no representation or warranty of any kind regarding this information. If you need legal advice, get in touch with a licensed attorney and do not contact Evolve Real Estate & Property Management for legal advice.

Three Day Notice

An eviction is a procedure ordered by the courts to remove a tenant from your property. There are different reasons for eviction. Nonpayment of rent is the most common, but you might also evict for any other lease violation. Evicting over nonpayment of rent is pretty straightforward. Around the fourth of the month, we post a Three Day Notice if the tenant has not paid yet. That notice states that the tenant has three days to pay or move out of the property.

After those three days pass, if rent still has not been paid, we get in touch with you, the property owner, to discuss the options.

Evicting a Tenant

If you decide to go ahead with an eviction, we turn the file over to our attorney, who will go to the county and file the necessary documents. Around five days after that, a court date will be set. The eviction can go different ways at this point. If the tenant does not show up at court, you win automatically. A default judgment is entered, with a specific date for when the tenant needs to be gone. If the tenant does not voluntarily leave the property, you’ll need to get the sheriff involved. We have a sheriff there to physically remove the person from your property, and this can take seven to 30 days, depending on the county that the property is in, and the workload of the sheriff.


Eviction Protection

If the tenant does show up in court, or is evicted for something other than nonpayment, or filed a counter claim, your costs can really add up. Our attorney is then forced to represent you and charge their hourly rate. It may cost up to $2,000 if it goes that way and the eviction gets complicated. On average, a simple eviction cost is around $500.

We offer the landlords we work with an extra protection in case of eviction. We have a low cost, optional eviction insurance plan that costs only $20 per month. It protects you for up to $2,000 if we ever have to evict your tenant.

If you have any questions about landlord eviction or general Denver property management questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Evolve Real Estate & Property Management.