It’s important to do a thorough background check before placing anyone in your Denver property. Today, we’re explaining how we ensure you get the best tenants for your property. At Evolve, we go way beyond just pulling the credit report.

Thorough Background Checks

We know what questions to ask potential tenants and how to gain a comprehensive analysis of the person who wants to live in your home. We examine their character, payment history, and ability to pay rent on time every month. We pull nationwide criminal records, and we look at an eviction database to be sure they have not been evicted previously. We also want to be sure they have not had any issues with other landlords.

Verifying Information

We will verify the applicant’s current employment, and of course, we do our best to speak to their current and past landlords. We make sure we’re talking to the correct people. It’s easy for an applicant to put a friend on the application to pose as a previous landlord. We dig deep to prevent this and be sure we’re speaking to the correct person. If we come across any red flags, we check out the prospective tenants on social media. We have weeded out a lot of bad apples by doing this.

Choosing a Tenant

landlordOnce we have our report ready, we package it up and send it to you with our recommendations on whether to approve the tenants. You get to be the one who decides if you want these people living in your property. Our goal is to place someone who will pay on time and take care of your home.

If you have any questions about finding good tenants or anything pertaining to Denver property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Evolve Real Estate & Property Management.