Cost of Living Comparison Tool


Here at Evolve, we always look for innovative ways to help our clients and customers. Got a call today from someone moving her family into the Denver area from Las Vegas. Her request was to help her find a home that would be in a “safe” area of Denver Metro, with good schools, low crime rates and affordable housing costs. While, all Denver property managers and Denver Realtors know that we cannot steer clients or guarantee them a “safe” area, just giving them this line didn’t feel right. We try to go above and beyond for our customers. While we cannot not “help” them decide on an area, we can give them the tools to do so themselves.

Check out this cool site.

It lets you compare different cities in the US on several different metrics. For example, did you know that Aurora, CO is 20.1% less expensive than Highlands Ranch, CO? Yet, at the same time, a lot of areas of Aurora belong to the best school district of Cherry Creek… But another factor to consider is crime rates.  Crime rate in Aurora is considerably higher than that of Highlands Ranch. You can dissect certain areas even deeper, using zip codes instead of cities and you will find that two Aurora zip codes have quite different stats. Compare crime rates in 80016 area of Aurora and 80012, and you will find that the crime rate almost doubles as you go into the 80012 zip code.

This tool can be of help when searching for a potential investment property. What’s a good investment property in Denver? Where is it located? Would a house in Aurora be a better rental property than a house in Highlands Ranch? Let’s take a look at these stats. Homes in Aurora are older, means more maintenance. They are less expensive however than similar homes in Highlands Ranch and have been appreciating at a higher rate. However, according to these stats, over 40% of homes in Aurora are rentals and only just over 18% in Highlands Ranch. Talk about major competition!

While, you have to use your head, intuition and knowledge, some of these stats will certainly help you narrow down the areas of potential profitable rental properties to acquire, or help you find an ideal area for your family to relocate to. With the plethora of tools and a knowledgeable Denver Realtor or Denver property manager, you are guaranteed a successful house hunt. If you want to work with the best property management company in Denver, give Evolve Real Estate and Property Management a call. We have outstanding Realtors too.